Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frustrated Scrapbooker

I wish I could scrapbook. Really I do. I have no patience for it.  I have watched friends go on great vacations, take tons of pictures and take five years to scrapbook about it. I have too much of a need to see the result immediately that I cannot make myself work on a book for five years.

For the simple fact that I am too lazy not motivated enough to scrapbook, I love Shutterfly! I made these cards today and they are perfect for my daughter to use to write her best friend who is moving to California.

In my classroom, I use Shutterfly to make books about our class field trips, including our 6th grade trip to Washington DC.   I plan to use the book this year to document our work in our outdoor classroom.

See the cards here!

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  1. You have yet to find the best scrapbookers' motivational site. Come see us at You definitely need to scrap. It's cheaper than therapy! ;-)