Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Workshop World

Started a three day workshop today. I am a glutton for punishment, sometimes.  I know, taking this online class and then adding in a 3 day 8AM to 8 PM workshop at the same time sounds a little crazy. Three days of bug spray, sunscreen, hats and tired feet. 

This workshop is exactly the OPPOSITE from what this eLearning class is: Nature Journaling, Photography and the Arts! We are taking nature walks, collecting leaves and limbs, taking nature themed photographs and painting scenes from nature. 

Our school just received major help from a local corporation to put in an outdoor classroom and it is gorgeous!  I am so excited about taking what I learn from this nature workshop and bring it back to school.  The kids and I will take nature walks, photograph nature's beauty and bring back items to paint in the classroom. 

The whole time I was sitting in class today, listening to great speakers and trying a little painting of my own, I was thinking: How can I connect this to the eLearning technology workshop?  I am brainstorming and will post my thoughts at the end of the workshop.  I am kinda excited to some up with some ideas!

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