Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Dreams...

My friend has dreams as school starts.  Bad ones. Students she wishes she could forget come to her room, take over and ignore her requests to behave.

When she starts dreaming, I know school is close.  She had one last night. School is a week away for teachers and two for students in our area. 

I have a daughter going into second grade.  Still amazes me to say/type that.  Second grade.  Seven years old.  Wow.  She is my life.  Gives me so much joy.   Asking me questions about the stuff her teacher will ask her to do, I realize: She is secretly nervous to start school. And I tell her that I am too.  I tell her that most kids are.  I tell her the biggest secret of all: that most teachers are.  I am nervous.  What if they don't like me? What if they are taller than me?  (a real possibility, even if they are ONLY in sixth grade)  What if they won't listen to me when I give directions?

So, she smiles a little smile and says they will listen to me if I give them the "teacher look" then we start talking about what she will have to do in second grade and start joking around and forget our nervous bellies. For now.   

That  first day, everyone entering the school building is a nervous as the next person from principal all the way down to the youngest student. We all want everyone to like us, listen to us and be friends.  Here's hoping you get exactly that no matter if you are returning to school or going to work Monday morning!

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