Sunday, August 14, 2011

I HEART my classroom!

Our recycling center.

Classroom library

Info board

My motto for this year!

Sixth graders don't tell time. They depend on their cell phones for the time. I added digital time to my class clock this year.

My sign on wall above my head while I am in small group.

How to head your paper. We do math fact of the week and all students write it on their paper.

Great saying.

Made this poster after seeing several teachers with something like this on Pinterest.

Graded paper storage. Love my colors!

My best purchase ever. Electric hole puncher. Enough said.

My pass area. It has a check out sheet and band-aids. I teach the kids that if it can't be fixed with a band-aid, you need to see the nurse. I am sure she does not appreciate that!
School starts tomorrow. TOMORROW!!! How about that? I am super excited about the idea of a new set of faces.  I have worked over the summer on lots of new ideas. I also got my classroom ready.  I am posting a few pics of my room below so I can brag about share my room with you!


  1. Your classroom looks great! I have to admit, I am jealous of the electric hole puncher (this after one of my students dismantled my manual 3-hole punch last year!) LOL!

    Best wishes for a super start to school!

  2. The electric hole puncher was one of those rainy Saturday afternoon at the flea market finds. Could not believe my eyes when I found it! Hid it in my cart thinking another teacher would grab it and run! I am quite popular on my hall with the other teachers!!!