Friday, December 30, 2011

Holidays, Holidaze!!!

These two weeks off have FLOWN by! I was blessed enough to spend the first week of Christmas break with 14 family members and friends in Walt Disney World, including my birthday! This week has been about taking the house back - Christmas being packed up, laundry being done and getting the house back to pre-Christmas break orderliness! We go back Monday and I start a new professional development series through my state's PD website. When I was working on my Master's, I went to class two nights a week and worked the other days at home at the computer.

I am thankful that I get to stay home and complete this PD course online. I am also thankful for the interaction with other teachers in the state who desire to know more about a topic I am interested in. Great conversations take place on the PD website.

What do other states do for teacher PD?

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