Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Testing, testing, is this thing on?

The countdown to testing has begun! We are working each day in class to review the math concepts that might have been forgotten over the course of the year. The best part about review is that I hear "I remember that!" often! Makes me glad that the kids were listening the first time around!

We test for five days in my state - a super version of last year's test. More than a LITTLE nervous about this test - the specs for it show things we have not covered at all. Do I teach those items before the test or let the kids go in blind, realizing that if I try to cram anything more into their minds, something else will fall out? Argh!

The math teachers in my building are each working their own review sessions. One teacher made a PowerPoint with problems for the kids to work. Another teacher is working the problems for the kids, explaining WHY she worked it that way. Another is just crossing her fingers and praying the kids will get a good enough score on the test with what she has already taught and not pushing the new stuff.

How do you get ready for testing?


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