Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Teacher's Natural High

I have gotten together my school supplies for the new school year and even though the year is two weeks away, I am totally stoked about it starting!  I get so excited about school beginning and cannot wait to meet the 64 (whew!) kids who will be with me for the next 180 days!

I have painted my room, hung new curtains and changed my decor. Totally a new room!  I am happy with the room so now I can focus on our new math book!  

I am glad we went ahead and chose a book to align with the Common Core, even though none of the teachers in my school have any idea what that means for our end of year testing.  We have heard the test will be totally new again after this past year's TOTALLY new test.   We will see.  Testing is too far away to worry right now!

Confession time: Who has those "back to school dreams/nightmares"? Mine involves kids who won't sit down and won't follow directions.  Don't tell me I am the only one!!!!!

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